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Experienced Staff

Did You Know...that we have a veteran staff of 16+ years? 

Meet Tammy Weast Honeycutt:  Also know as "Scarlet", the Co-Owner (along with her husband, Larry) is also the Head Event Designer at the venue.  Tammy has many years of decorating experience, not including the 16 just at Saratoga!  She is there to help you make your wedding vision a reality and make your theme come to life for your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner.  Tammy is truly one of the most talented people in the industry and has a true calling for what she does. She cares about our brides and their events as if they were her own daughter's big day.  One of her favorite things to do is mow the grass...she has her own mower!

Meet Larry Honeycutt:  The muscle behind Saratoga, Larry is the one that puts all of the chairs out each week (and picks them back up!).  He also keeps the grounds looking good  (along with Tammy) each and every week as well as cleans up after each event.  Chances are if you have or will get married at Saratoga, Larry assisted you when getting into the Horse & Carriage on your wedding day.  Larry does a little bit of everything...he has also been spotted helping Tammy decorate tables on occasion.

Meet the "other" Tammi Troutman Honeycutt:  The daughter-in-law of the owners, Tammi was our Head Wedding Director for 14 years and has been with Saratoga for 15 years.   Last year she stepped down as Lead Wedding Director and her job with the business is now Venue Manager, handling all accounting, customer service needs and the venue's day to day activities.  If you email, call or text, this is the Tammi that will assist you. 

Meet Donna Hanna:   Assistant Director & Decorator, Donna Hanna, has also been on staff for 15 years.   She is the Owner, Tammy's Sister.  Not only does she assist with directing ceremonies, she also assists the other Tammy with decorating for the receptions and rehearsal dinners at Saratoga. 

Meet Leslie Liles:  Leslie was hired in January 2016 and came on board as our new Lead Wedding Director. She has 10 years experience in the wedding industry elsewhere (and now officially 1 year with Saratoga).  Leslie gives all of our new tours. 

Why experience matters:  With our years of experience in the wedding industry, we have the makings of a true Southern fairytale! You can trust us and our staff to take care of you on your best day ever!